Volunteer Signups Now Open!

I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Jakub Oleksy and I am the new Volunteer Coordinator for our club! This means that I am responsible for ensuring all our home races are properly staffed and supported. Last year was my first year with the program (my oldest son, Jamison, was a U8) and I thought all of our races were very well run and I hope we can do even better this year.

This older post was inadvertently resent, so I thought it was a good opportunity to remind everyone to sign up to volunteer for upcoming races. Check out the volunteer status page to see what we need to fill for Wild Katz (2/21-2/22), then go to the volunteer tab in Smartsheet and Sign up!! We still need volunteers for the Masters Race (3/22-3/23), Down Hill (3/27-3/29) and April races (4/4-4/5) too.

I feel it is important to remind everyone that our program is funded not only with the rates we pay, but just as (if not more) importantly with our time. The time we spend is what enables us to put on the races, which are amazing events for our athletes and others in our region and which make money for our club. Our club is a non-profit and it’s important for us to participate in supporting our athletes. Besides, volunteering at races is a lot of fun! Every family in the competitive program is required to volunteer a certain number of hours. For reference, our official volunteer policy can be found here. Note that this policy is different than the policy that was presented via the Active registration, so please take a look.

As we did last year, we’ll be using SmartSheet to manage volunteer signups. If you follow the provided link and login, you should be taken directly to the volunteering sheet for this year. In order to sign-up for a slot, simply put your name in one of the “preferred” columns (the FINAL columns are used by me to keep track of volunteer time). There are details for the positions linked on the sheet, or you can find them here. Sign-up early to ensure you get the slots you want. Note – for any “Officials” slots, since they require certification, please email me directly to be added to the sheet.

If you have any questions, you can start with our brief FAQ. For anything else, especially new to SPAC families that have any questions about the program or volunteering in particular, feel free to shoot me an email at volunteer@spacracing.com or find me at Steven’s, I’m usually at the Pacific Crest Lodge when not skiing and I look like this without my ski gear on, with the rest of the Oleksy gang…

Christmas Photos-0067-20141116

Lastly, if your company does matching for time you donate, don’t forget to log your volunteer hours!