Awesome Start to Training!!

The last two weekends SPAC has been kicking off training at the Redmond Athletic Club. We feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity to get the kids focused on technique, strength, agility, and fundamentals. The success of the dry lands over the last two weekends has Dave considering incorporating this training experience into the program in years to come by starting the season with a weekend or two on the dirt before the hill opens.

Coach Larry described the format of the training:

“In the morning we broke into three groups – running slalom gates, doing some drills, doing hill sprints, and playing capture the flag.  Great fun and team building was had by all.  In the afternoon we went indoors and went over the fundamental building blocks of good skiing.  The athletes were broken into groups with one Junior and one Mighty mite forming a team.  The juniors were charged with modeling and explaining the concepts we were discussing to their partners.  It was awesome as you can see from the pictures to see the athletes working side by side to and share their knowledge about skiing.  We ended the day having relay races focusing on different balance tasks.  The kids did great and we’re looking forward to another great day tomorrow!”

Dave described how the coaches had set gates in the dirt and had the kids run them. He was amazed to see that kids ran the gates exactly the same way as they skied them. With a little coaching on Saturday, they saw a noticeable improvement in athletes who came again on Sunday. All this fun combined with a kicking Nia work out by coach Christine that had even coach Nils complaining of being sore the next day, and our athletes are getting a really quality start to their season.

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