Thank you Stevens Pass for an awesome holiday camp!!

SPAC would like to extend a huge thank you to Stevens Pass for making our Holiday camp a huge success. The mountain went above and beyond getting the club access despite the low snow conditions. Juniors and U14s had great early morning gate training. Mighty mites had a great week working technique and gate training.
Coach Brad shared some of the week’s highlights and athlete kudos below. Be sure to scroll down to the end of the post for some awesome photos. Thanks to Jakub and jason for risking frostbite to get them. A big thanks to coaches and athletes for giving the week your all. Great work everyone!

From Coach Brad:

Mighty Mites. The mighty mites worked on getting to the outside ski earlier, creating upper lower body separation, and by New Years eve were showing some pretty impressive Ted Ligety impressions on Skyline with Andrew and Sara. All of the mighty mites were looking so impressive for a young group. We are really blessed with such a wonderful group of athletes. I can tell you from experience that I will be working on the same things with the level 3 PSIA candidates that the mighty mites were working on in my groups. I was amazed at their skill, drive, and camaraderie. The mountain bike park features served up some great opportunities for the mighty mites to explore and have some fun – a large element in their continual development of a passion for the mountain experience.

Juniors and U14s. The Juniors, from a technique standpoint, were working on moving through the cuff of the new outside boot, leveling and directing balance to the outside ski. We put the work from the indoor sessions together with the Junior and the mighty mites, adjusting lines and Dave’s point of “taking control” at the rise line. Overall our athletes have a great sense of line and tactics – I was impressed to see their awareness and ability. We were pleased to be able to work on the technique aspects and develop goals mutually. One of the things that I was most impressed about was that our coaches help our athletes develop THEIR goals rather than us trying to force our goals on these incredible athletes.

Athlete Kudos from Coach Brad:

Grant was working on on moving through the cuff of the new outside boot, leveling and directing balance to the outside ski intently throughout the camp. It was impressive to watch his focus on reconciling the difference between moving with the tool and stepping to try to create speed.

Boomer was a great example for the younger skiers in slalom, working a rhythm and turn shape that was impressive. His strength showed in making some impressive line and balance adjustments. His consistency and pole touch were a great picture example for all.

Most improved on GS from what I saw was Aidan – he started camp really locked up between his upper and lower body and finished with some significant improvement in this regard. His GS skiing markedly improved throghout the camp. He is making some real strides.

Mel was hitting it hard and put in some great work. Her skiing is exemplary – she is working on moving through the outside ski at the top of the turn to improve alignment and avoid moving too far laterally. We saw some impressive awareness with regard to some tactical decisions she was making in the course.

Olivia Shelley was creating some great angles on Skyline yesterday. Her stance is working well with elbows in front and driving into the cuff of the boot. She’s got great turn shape and a super attitude.

Christopher: Christopher was working on trying to look farther ahead down his overall path rather than looking side to side of the run. He was also working on trying to get out with the first of the skiers in the group. He loves the song “Stayin Alive”, apparently especially when sung by The Chipmunks, and skis super energetically after hearing

Jessica: Very intent on trying to get more forward. She is such an adult with her focus and the pressure she puts on herself to improve. I look forward to doing what I can to help her goof off and have as as much fun as possible this season.

Sophia: Sophia was the natural leader of our group and did some great work balancing on the outside ski. Her one-ski turns were a great start. Running the gates she was committed to the outside ski and had some great round turn shape.

Patrick: Patrick has a great attitude and backs it up with some great skiing. I like his commitment to his craft. He has some favorite coaches that I share with him (Linda) and I sincerely enjoyed skiing with him.

Tyler: Despite his young age, this kid skis where I would want to ski. How amazing. He puts effort into improving every time I have spent with him and is years beyond his age in ability.

Great work athletes!!!