Highlights from this week’s training and First Northwest Cup Race

The first big weekend on snow for SPAC was a great success! Each day began bright and early at the SPAC shack with some words of introduction by Nils Erik-Riise, Mighty Mite Head Coach. Nils welcomed new and returning families, thanked the mountain for all of their support, and reminded athletes to focus on positive attitude and effort. We saw lots of enthusiastic smiling faces and tons of good skiing going on.

We also had seventeen of our Junior Racers at Bachelor for the first race of the northwest cup. The kids skied extremely well. Dave Lyon reported that their improvement because of effort and training was evident in the way they were skiing.

“I was really impressed on how well they were working toward their outside ski and determined to make the turn they started.  They all improved each run and really started going for it.  Kudo’s to all.”

Dave offered these athlete highlights:

“Melissa Eik had a great first race come back from her torn ACL last year. Grant Duffy presented consistent excellent skiing as usual. Callie Dahlberg and Brandon Wear- Grimm really charged the course. This race was some of the best skiing, I have seen Claire St Marie do. Chirs Westman performed well at his first Northwest Slalom Race.”

Great Job Athletes!!

Nils has these highlights from the training at Steven’s this weekend:

  • It was neat to see the athletes begin to find there ski legs again.
  • I was very impressed with the athletic performance, attitude and effort put forth by all the kids this past weekend.
  • The theme for training was developing movements that promote better balance over the outside ski in a turn.By the end of training all of the athletes were getting better at understanding the importance of moving to the outside ski before the fall line.
  • Kudos to all the returning kids for reaching out and getting to know the new athletes in the club. I really appreciate the effort put forth by all in making them feel a welcome part of the team. I loved to see the team support going on within the ranks.
  • A big thank you goes out to all of our coaches who worked the weekend. We couldn’t do what we do without all of their hard work!

Thanks Nils and Dave!!
(oh and ps. happy belated birthday, Nils!!)
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freeze frames of Brandon and Mel from Bachelor NW cup race video:
Brandon Bachelor Mel Bachelor