Join the SPAC coaches in the SNOW DANCE CHALLENGE!! We decided that we are sick of skiing on rocks and decided to remedy the situation. Our goal to challenge as many people as we can to start doing snow dances and posting them to facebook. Our own little ALS challenge. We challenge all of you, so get out there and make and post your snow dances (unless you really like skiing on rocks).

The coaches had a blast making the first of hopefully many snow dance videos. Check them out being super goofy. We bet you can do even better!!

Check out the facebook post to comment and add your videos!: SPAC COACHES SNOW DANCE CHALLENGE

If you missed the hilarious making of the video here’s a few live shots for fun:
2015-01-14 08.20.32 2015-01-14 08.20.33 2015-01-14 08.20.34 2015-01-14 08.20.34-1 2015-01-14 08.20.31 2015-01-14 08.20.31-1

And a few of the kids enjoying the action:
2015-01-11 14.15.58 2015-01-11 14.18.53 2015-01-11 14.15.39