With races ramping up and gate training in full gear we have so much to share. We’ll be making several posts in the next few days in an effort to keep everyone in the loop. Bear with us as we fill up your inbox. smiley-face-md
Highlights for this post include:
Last Weekend Training Update from Nils
Race Day Basics
Apple Cup Schedule
Away Race Volunteer Opportunities

Last Weekend Training Update from Nils

Last weekend’s training went really well. For most of the mighty mites it was their first time training gates for the season and for some it was the first time training gates ever. The outcome was great. I checked in with some of the kids that had never trained gates before and they all had a great time and learned a lot. I realize it’s not ideal for us to have had only one training day in the gates before Apple Cup, but overall the kids are all skiing well. The training thus far has been very skill focus oriented, especially the skills quest weekend. The coaches have been working very hard to help the kids make positive changes in their skiing and its showing. The fact we haven’t had gates to ski, just made the opportunity for change that much more likely to happen. When the kids get into the gates, more often than not their skiing will stagnate and the opportunity for making positive changes reduces greatly. Please be sure to thank your coaches for all the hard work they have been putting in helping your athletes get ready these next couple weeks of racing!!!

A big thank you goes out to all the mighty mites that helped Nils and Aaron break down the training course on Sunday after training. It was a small crew, but we made it happen. The coaches need all the help they can get after a long weekend of training so the more help we have the better. It was much appreciated in a big way. Thank goodness we had the magic carpets to help us get the gear back to the shack. smiley-face-md

I was very happy with what I was seeing last weekend overall and it seems like the kids will have a good base to work from going into the race this weekend and next. A few pictures from last weekends training (This trusty photographer took terrible pictures of the actual gate training, so if you have any good ones let me know):
training group 012415 2015-01-24 10.27.02
2015-01-24 10.27.11 2015-01-24 10.33.06

race day basics

I know there are many new folks coming over to Mission this weekend that are not quite sure what to expect or how things work. The following is the basics so you can prepare for the weekend.

  1. Lots of sleep, good food, and drinking lots of water is very important for your athlete. (Emphasis on good food meaning minimal sugar, high protein intake, complex carb intake, good grains etc. Each day is long and requires the kids to have the stamina to make it through with very minimal parental contact.)
  2. Please plan ahead and be on time. The coaches will not wait when they hit the snow as we are all held to a pretty tight schedule and the base area can be quite chaotic.
  3. Dress in Layers. The race will be held at the top of the Mountain. More often than not the weather can feel quite mild in the parking lot, but once you are up on the hill the weather can be quite different. Up top it is almost always windy, which can change the temperature greatly so please make sure your athlete is dressed well for the weather or ready for a potential weather change. We can always manage the extra layers when we are at the top.
  4. Lunch. There is a mid-mountain café and of course the main lodge in the base area for lunch, but it can be very crowded on race day, so bringing lunch is more advisable, since the time between 1st and 2nd runs can be limited. There are times when the kids only have 10-20 minutes before they have to be back at the top of the course inspecting the second run’s set. This usually applies to the older kids since they will be finishing their first run near the end of the first run time period.


Typical race day schedule:

7:00 – 7:30 am – Registration opens. Their will be a table in the main lodge where you sign your kid in. This is also a good time to check into getting racer lift tickets. They can be bought at the ticket kiosk near the parking lot. Racers get a discounted rate.
7:30 am Sharp – Meet in the main lodge upstairs on the left hand side under the big screen TV in the far back corner of the room. You will pick up your bibs for the kids and find out where to meet the coaches when you get on the snow. Lift tickets are your responsibility so plan ahead.
8:00am – Meet coaches on snow in front of lodge.
8:15am – Load Chair 1 (Base area chair lift)
8:30am – 9:15am course inspection with coaches
9:30am – First run begins (U8 age group only gets one run)
11:30am – 12:00ish – First Run finishes
TBA – Second Run Inspection Time. Please check in with your coaches to find out when/where your child needs to be after lunch. Please don’t leave the finish area without finding out when second run inspection time is.
Awards – 30 minutes after last racer of second run.
For more information please refer to the race organizers information form:

Away Race Volunteer Opportunities

There are opportunities to volunteer for both the Loup Loup and Apple Cup races. This is a great way to support another mountain, get to know folks from other clubs, and typically volunteers get a free pass for the day and a lunch.

Apple Cup says they need:
Saturday: Start Line-up person #2, Bib Collector #2, Course Crew
Sunday: Start Line-up person #2, Scoreboard #1, Scoreboard#2, Gate Judges, Course Crew
contact Kari Johnson if you are interested

Wolf Chase Loup Loup Gate Judges and Course Crew needed both days.
contact Ingrid Patterson

That’s it for our Mighty Mite update. Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you all on the snow.