Last weekend the SPAC Mighty Mites traveled to Loup Loup Ski Bowl for the Wolf Chase Ski Race. It was a fantastic weekend. With lots of great bonding, and great skiing. The kids put in excellent effort and showed amazing attitude and sportsmanship cheering on their team mates and as well as athletes from other clubs. Check out the great pictures below to see all the fun that was had.  Also don’t miss Nils’ weekly update below.

Race Results

The results for this race were fantastic with SPAC athletes in the top 10 for every event.  Congrats to Aidan James for taking 2nd in the men’s combined. Congrats to Cale Westman for a successful reentry weekend after his serious eye injury this fall. Congrats to many first timers who had great races, as well as those of you who’ve been around the block a few times. See below for full race results.

Saturday Womens Results
Saturday Mens Results
Sunday Womens Results
Sunday Mens Results


Coach Nils wanted to share this with all of our athletes and families this week:

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are keeping dry and are still basking in the glow of the Wolf Chase Race weekend. What a fun event those Loupers put on, huh? I was very happy with the performance of our athletes at “The Loup.” Even though, the first day’s conditions were kind of wet, foggy and soggy, the kids were remarkably upbeat and still having loads of fun. I love that about our team. Regardless of the weather, you guys just love to slide and play in the snow, and have a good time!

It was tough to see up there on the course the first day, especially for all of you that had to race. Good job for not giving up and charging hard, I was very impressed with all the good skiing going on. What was awesome too, was that it set the stage for an even better day of skiing on Sunday since the weather cleared up and the sun came out to join the fun. Skiing the same hill with perfect visibility a day after skiing it by brail was a piece of cake, huh? SPAC brought their “A” game that day that’s for sure. The effort put forth to ski your best was very noticeable, even on the podium. There was a lot first time successes.

I felt very proud of all of you after Wolf Chase. You guys are maturing in how you all handle adversity and how you handle yourselves around all the other teams. Even some of the other coaches complimented us on our team solidarity and support of each other and the support given to other racers from other teams. For this, I can’t ask for anything more. Thank you for all your hard work and great attitudes.

Let us continue to build on our successes and learn from our mistakes and become the very best we can possibly be! I will miss you all this coming weekend, but look forward to seeing you guys ripping it up at Wild Katz when I come back.

Stevens Pass Alpine Club Rules!!!


Coach Nils


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