Wild Katz race results & Note From Coach Nils

Thank you to our entire community for a fabulous Wild Katz Race Weekend. A special thanks goes out to our Stevens Pass and our sponsor Rundoctor.com, as well as to all the wonderful volunteers who made this race possible. We loved seeing everyone who made it out from the Pacific Northwest Race Community. A wonderful effort was made by all of the athlete’s and families. It’s this kind of community that makes us all love racing even in these low snow years.

Official Race Results:

Ladies Final GS Results Sat WildKatz 2015
Mens Final GS Results Sat WildKatz 2015
Women’s SL results Wild Katz 2015
Men’s SL results Wild Katz 2015

A note here from Coach Nils
Wild Katz Weekend Update:
I would have to say the Wild Katz went very good last weekend. We had a few early mornings and lots of gear/equipment that had to be moved and set up and tore down. It was nothing short of amazing how smooth it went in my eyes. We started each day almost on time within 15 min. of publish start times. That’s pretty good in the world ski racing. The course crew worked especially hard to make sure the surface was safe to ski on.
Stuart Larson, Jeff Bray, Justin Blasko lead the charge. Thanks to all of you who helped them out. There was a tremendous amount of sugar snow that had to be removed both days and it wasn’t easy.
Without the support of Ryan Forbes and Stevens Pass the snow conditions would have been a lot worse or the event may have not have even happened.They spent a lot of time pushing snow onto that run over the last few weeks and prepping it with salt to help firm it up. I am more than grateful for their efforts to help us pull this event off. The next time any of you see Ryan, please thank him and Stevens Pass for all that they do.
A huge thank you goes out to Larry Calvin and Dave Lucas for spearheading the course setting effort as well.
A Special Thank you goes out to our coaches of the weekend
Course Crew helpers –
Erik Bracht, Bre Huston, Sara Larson, Christine Kjenner, Larry Calvin, Dave Lucas.
Race Coaches –
Linda Cowan, Andrew Calvin, Holly Holton, Emily Kosmala, Lexi Dreschel, Bre Houston, Hanna Vanucie
Training Coaches – (Yes, we still had training for the kids who didn’t race.)
David Rowe, Tami Lyon, Brad Walsh, Bre Houston
Visiting Coaches –
Thank you for helping with tear down of the B-Net at the end of each day, without your help it would have taking much longer. KUDOS.
To all the parent volunteers
Without the help from each and every one of you an event like this is impossible to pull off. We have already gotten a lot of great feedback about how well we did this weekend from other teams and coaches, so good job!
As for the performance of our athletes this weekend? I thought they all did really awesome! Despite the fact we haven’t trained SL that much this year, I think they all put forth an amazing effort. We had large field of athletes and SPAC athletes were very competitive with the top end of their fields. What I always appreciate is the amount of team support they give each other when their team mates are in the gate. That says a lot about the strength of our team.
Thanks, Coach Nils
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