image image image image image image image image image image imageWith championships for U12 and up right around the corner, the training this past weekend was focused on tactics. The intensity, effort and expectation bar was raised for all. With the highlights of the weekend being a tactic drill where Nils and Dave quite literally put themselves in the line of fire as they stood in the course forcing kids to turn at the right time. If the athletes were late in their turns they risked flattening their coaches… let’s just say there were a few close calls at first but all got the hang of it quickly.

As you all know last weekend was a beautiful sunny day up at Stevens Pass. Jakub Oleksy took advantage of the sunshine and took great photos of Saturday’s training. He thinks he got at least one shot of every kid as they came through the course. Jakub shared his photos at on one drive. Check it out!!

In preparations for the upcoming championships Nils reminds us all to reread the wise words from John Noltings article “Five Keys to Promoting Superior Performance on Race Day“. Our family has also gleaned some helpful ideas and tips from the Jim Taylor’s article, “The Burden of Expectation: Another Lesson from Shiffrin“. How does/will your athlete deal with the expectation and stress of race day? Ask your kid what strategies they use to calm their nerves on race day? Here are some great ones I’ve heard:

  • Before my race, I focus on really cheering on my fellow team mates
  • I try to help out, by stuffing jackets or helping younger athletes get ready
  • I make up a song about how well, I’m going to do on my race and sing it in my head while I wait.
  • I listen to a preset race day pump me up play list. It keeps me happy, focused and calm.

Seems like a whole additional post could be dedicated to all the strategies our kids have come up with! I’d love to hear what you learn. In the meantime, best of luck on all your upcoming races and

Have Fun, Try Hard, Take Chances, and Ski Fast!!