Volunteer Training and a New Season-Long Position

Great to see you all up on the mountain this weekend. We had a very successful first weekend of snow training. Look for a post later this week from Coach Larry with a run down from the weekend’s training.

Volunteer Training this coming saturday

This Saturday, December 19th, at 12 PM at the SPAC Shack, we’ll be doing a volunteer training event. We will practice setting up a course for a race. We will review the various positions we have during a race. Many of the leads will be there, helping demonstrate their respective jobs. This is a great time to meet some other SPAC parents and learning about the different volunteer positions.

New Season-Long Awards Coordinator Position

Also, this year we decided to add a new season-long position called Awards Coordinator. The Awards Coordinator is responsible for working with the Race Administrator to manage award distribution throughout the season. This includes ordering and managing awards as well as coordinating and leading the presentation of awards.

This position is for the full-season (it is easier for a single person to coordinate this than many) and receives full-credit for the season. If you are unable to attend all the races, that is OK, you would just be responsible for coordinating the presentations you can’t attend.

Please email Jakub if you would like to volunteer or if you have questions!

Also, we are looking for photos from this past weekend’s trainings – and in general from all trainings and races to use along with the web posts (It’s getting a little old seeing so many pictures of Hattie and Ruby :)… so if you have some good ones send them along to Kate.  Ideally we would have one family from each age group volunteer to take photos of those groups each weekend and at races. If you are the kind of person who is always snapping pix, consider reaching out to Kate and signing up to be your U-group’s official paparazzi.

Coat Update

SPAC Coat guru Robin Gemza heard from Spyder this week. Coats will be shipped from Denver by Friday. Expect to see coats landing in the Pacific Crest Lodge around 1/2-1/3 training weekend. Veteran families, if you have a coat to sell, please be sure to put it on the marketplace. Lot’s of new families are looking for coats.

Christmas Camp

Reminder Christmas Camp runs from 12/26-12/31 for u10 and up. If you missed signing up for Christmas Camp during registration and would like to participate please contact the SPAC bookkeeper. Remember there is no regular season training during Christmas Camp (no trainings the weekend of 12/26-12/27) Regular weekend trainings resume 1/2-1/3.

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