Highlights from Week Two

Wow! What an amazing couple of days at Stevens Pass – endless powder just the way we like it. Should be an amazing Christmas Camp. Just a quick reminder to volunteer for the night slalom if you plan to be up on 12/28 – still many spots unfilled.  Thanks this week to Coach Linda for her highlights. Great information for new and returning families alike – Cheers and Happy Holidays to all!

Now Highlights from Week two from Coach Linda:

With over 3+ feet of new snow since last Sunday, and more in the forecast, we couldn’t be more excited.

Conditions aside, the most important to note is our athletes. All coaches have noticed numerous experiences of our athletes not only working hard, they’re respectful, focused and continually look for opportunities to encourage each other as well.

For example, when coaching the U8s the first weekend, a huge group of Juniors joined us on our final run down the infamous ‘Squirrel Trail.’ The U8s never skied faster than with the Juniors encouraging and cheering them on!

Our technical focus for all athletes continues on the first (of five) skiing fundamentals. Fundamental #1: Control the center of mass along the base of support in order to direct pressure along the length of our skis. This is the most important fundamental because, when skiing, we need to be a little farther forward than we realize, so, we’re learning how to balance into the future, and this starts with our ankles. Need more info? Check in with your SPAC athlete. If they’re unable to share more, make sure they ask us. It’s our responsibility they understand what we’re working on and why.

Lastly, these last few weeks we’ve been training mostly outside of gates, and this is purposeful. Athletes who are able to ski the whole mountain, in all conditions, have the strongest, well-rounded fundamentals for ski racing. (Mighty Mites will continue training the whole mountain in the morning and gates in the afternoon.) Why? Line and tactics can be taught, however, learning how to navigate continually changing terrain and conditions in race courses is best learned skiing the whole mountain with intention and purpose.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Hopefully, we’ll see you at Christmas Camp.

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