Week 4 highlights

Hello Team SPAC! Super excited to get up and check out all the new snow this weekend. Good luck to all the U16s traveling to Spokane this weekend and a big congrats to the U14s who headed to Webb Moffit last weekend.

With races in high gear things are bound to get confusing for new families. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions. Returning families, please keep an eye out for our fabulous new folks and mentors please reach out to your families and make sure all is well. On that note, we will be doing a web post later this weekend on encouraging and discussing goal setting with our athletes from Coach Linda.

Remember that coaches are available to talk to parents at the end of training at the SPAC shack. That’s a great time to ask questions and find out all the fun things your kiddo has been up to in training.

Thanks to Coach Aaron for his highlights from last week’s training:

“Greetings all,
I had the honor and pleasure to ski with a group of U10’s and U12’s  last Saturday and Sunday.  

Saturday Jasper, Maddilyn, Jack, Ian, Zia, Kiki, and I had a great time lapping on the back side mixing up drills and free skiing.   We skied variable terrain doing some pole drills on Gemini, and one footed skiing down Outer Limits.  We also challenged our fall line skiing skills with some bump skiing on the side of Corona bowl.  We got back a little late for lunch but had 7 runs to show for it.  
After lunch we started working on our race skills in the slalom course, brush drills, and pole jumpers.   We also talked about our starts and course etiquette to insure that we not only ski fast but we ski safe.  We worked to apply our fall line skiing to the slalom course and using our quick feet to help that happen through the gates.

Sunday Ethan, Tierney, Walter, William (Bill), Vincent, Logan, and I had a similar conditions as Saturday but we were blessed with a view in the morning that was awesome.  Check out these pictures!

IMG_6105 (1) 2016-01-10 09.16.36 2016-01-10 09.11.01
Coach Jim, and Coach Lexie and I took a run on Orion with the complete group of U12’s before splitting into smaller groups.   After the couple runs down Orion we challenged ourselves with some bumps down Pegasus and did some drills over on Gemini and Skid Road working on tricks to move from the back seat to the drivers seat.

The afternoon we had fun working on our racing starts and imagining our line in the GS course.  During the pre-training slip we counted the gates and made sure we were able to imagine what it was going to feel like before we had our first training run.   We had discussions on skiing with purpose even when it gets easy.  No lazy skiing!

Best Regards,
Coach Aaron

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