Summer Ski Camp at Mount Hood

This summer SPAC athletes attended 2 great camps with coach Dave Lyon.  As usual, the athletes were dedicated to their improvement, great with their teammates and grew as individuals and racers.  The first camp, held in June, was a gates only camp.  An intimate camp in size, campers got tremendous amounts of personalized feedback.  The weather was incredible ranging from a surprising couple inches of fresh snow the first day, to brilliant sunshine, and a full-blown winter event closing the mountain and keeping us from training the final days.  Never fear…a trip to Portlandia for a movie and lunch was the answer!

The famous (or infamous) 9-day camp celebrated its 18th summer on Mt. Hood.  This year there were participants from New Jersey, New York, Alaska, California, Nevada, Minnesota, Indiana (yep…3 people), Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Banff, Canada in attendance.  A large group of adults (nearly 40 in all) joined the kids on the snow, in the courses and at the pinnacle of the camp experience…the “No Talent” talent show held the last night of camp.  9 full days of skiing, training, indoor presentations, dryland activities, video analysis and chalet shenanigans made for some very tired campers by the last day.  The weather was AMAZ-ZA-ZING! Sunny, clear, usually warm and a couple days downright HOT.  The snow surface held up really well and the lines were practically non-existent so plenty of laps were had by all.

While summer camps are over, the opportunity to build community with your team, improve your skills and get enter the season well-prepared has not passed.  Look for information soon on Fall dryland training and Thanksgiving camp to come your way soon. And next summer…don’t miss out.  Join Dave and the team of exceptional coaches he brings from all over the country (and world) at a SPAC summer camp.  They offer the perfect blend of exposure to new coaches and opportunity to ground learning within the framework and philosophy DL promotes.

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