Holey Moley! We have had a busy start to the year, lots of fun in the SPAC world. Just thought we would take a moment and catch up on some of the fun and successes the SPAC community has been having around our first home and away Junior races.


Stevens Pass pulled off a fantastic first race of the season with the night SL and everyone had loads of fun. A big thank you to Stevens Pass for helping us light the course. They used their snow cats to light the way as racer sped down the mountain – this saved the club significant funds, as we didn’t have to rent high powered lights. We had a great turn out with almost one-hundred racers present. Many people gathered at the bottom of the course watching the festivities unfold. None of this fun would have been possible without the many volunteers that helped make this event happen. From the gate keepers that stayed at their posts no matter the weather conditions to the volunteers that slipped the race course making sure the competitors had a safe and smooth run. None of this would have been achievable without their help. SPAC wants to gave a big thank you to those who helped make the Night SL happen.

NORTHWEST CUP #1 AT MT Spokane was a big success for SPAC!

Over the weekend of January sixth through the eighth, SPAC Junior racers went to Spokane for the first Northwest Cup qualifier of the year. Battling the cold weather conditions racers did a fantastic job staying focused on their skiing goals, and a lot of accomplishments were made.

The team has been working hard this season, mastering ski racing technique, and this race demonstrated our athletes pulling it all together. The team and training focus has been to move from being perfect to skiing fast. After speaking with Dave Lyon, he mentioned a few racers that had some amazing breakthroughs. Brandon placed third and fourth at Spokane and his skiing is really starting to click. Chris Westman was working hard and his last run of the second day was the third fastest. Karey Sharp and Erica Debley made some huge improvement which equated to some big successes in their skiing. Cale Westman also had some great advancement in his skiing which earned him a second place in Friday’s GS.

SPAC as a team did a phenomenal job at Spokane’s Northwest Cup. In spite of the cold weather and grippy snow, racers did an amazing job on their skis. With many breakthroughs and fantastic skiing SPAC dominated Spokane.