SPAC Rocks Hampton Cup

Hampton Cup (Northwest Cup #2) was one for the books. We saw a lot of great skiing from the SPAC racers. Everyone is continuing to work hard, and it is starting to show. Over the weekend of the 19th through the 22nd U14 to U19 competitors gathered at Mission Ridge for Hampton Cup, the second Northwest Cup qualifier. Battling tough conditions over the weekend athletes had to overcome many challenges. During Thursdays training day conditions were cold and sunny, so athletes were able to get many practice runs in for the next days Super-G. Unfortunately, snow and fog rolled in for the official Super-G race on Friday. With freezing temperatures and barley visible conditions, racers had a tough time. As the weekend went on, the fog lifted and it was cold and snowy. When the conditions are like this, it makes the race that much more difficult for athletes; however, SPAC racer didn’t let the conditions stop them from making some great improvements.

After speaking with Larry Calvin, there were a few SPAC racers that had some considerable success. First Zoe McDevitt made the flip for the first time on her first run. In her second run she was really going for it and pushing her skills to the next level, but unfortunately had a fall. Despite the crash, coaches were very excited about her improvements. Larry mentions that when a racer is crashing they are making improvements, and crashing is just part of the sport. The next racer that made some big strides was Taytum Von Melville. Taytum has been working hard on perfecting her line through the turn, and it all came together over the weekend and she finished four race runs. Zac Holton, also made some great improvements in his skiing. The coaches said he is really narrowing in on balancing over is outside ski, and it is showing in his results.

All of the SPAC racers did a spectacular job over the weekend. The conditions were battle worthy and the athletes won the fight. The team had some excellent podium finishes and they showed Hampton Cup who’s boss.


Super-G Race 1 Boys Results
 1st Place: Tyler Larson
14th Place: Aidan James
Super-G Race 1 Girls Results
 11th Place: Erica Debley
Super-G Race 2 Boys Results
 1st Place: Tyler Larson
10th Place: Aiden James
Super-G Race 2 Girls Results
11th Place: Erica Debley


GS Boys Race 1 Results
4th Place: Brandon Wear-Grimm
6th Place: Tyler Larson
9th Place: Kristopher Westman
14th Place: Cale Westman
GS Girls Race 2 Results
13th Place: Erica Debley
15th Place: Taytum Von Melville
GS Boys Race 2 Results
2nd Place: Tyler Larson
4th Place: Brandon Wear-Grimm
5th Place: Kristopher Westman
13th Place: Cale Westman

Great job SPAC and Keep it up!