Apple Cup

Well it’s been a couple weeks now, but we need to give a shout out about Apple Cup. It was a super fun race for all involved! SPAC Athelte effort and attitude was spectacular and it showed.

SPAC had about 46 athlete representing the club over the weekend of Apple Cup. This was said to be the largest group SPAC has had at Apple Cup in a very long time. With all the athletes present at the race, it went very well. The weather was great for racing; the long inversion and partly cloudy skies, lead to a very fast and fun event. Coaches were very proud of everyone participating. Athletes did an amazing job executing the skiing each racer has been working so hard on. All of the hours of training that these kids have been putting in resulted in many top finishes from SPAC.

Coaches also said the mighty mites did a great job focusing when it was their time to ski the course. This is a very big accomplishment for many first time racers. So much happens over the duration of a race weekend that it can be difficult to focus at times. But big praise was given to all of the competitors for being focused and ready to go when it was their time to race. All of the coaches had a great time at Apple Cup and said that each racer knew what he or she needed to put into their run. They demonstrated many of the skills and techniques that we’ve been drilling in training on the course. Andrew Calvin said that it was a great race to be a SPAC coach at, and he had so much fun with the SPAC athletes over Apple Cup weekend. Everyone had a blast at the race and it showed. Great job Mighty Mites, and keep it up.



GS Girls Race 1 Results                                  GS Boys Race 1 Results

5th Place: Campbell Butzlaff                          6th Place: Zac Holton
9th Place: Madison VonMelville                         9th place: Ethan Friedman
10th Place: Madeline Gillespie                            12th Place: Jamison Oleksy

GS Girls Race 2 Results                                 GS Boys Race 2 Results
4th Place: Campbell Butzlaff                                6th Place: Zac Holton
10th Place: Madeline Gillespie                              12th Place: Jamison Oleksy