Annual Fund & Celebrate SPAC – Save the Date!!

Hello Everyone!

Please SAVE THE DATE for Saturday, March 4th for our annual Celebrate SPAC events at Stevens Pass! This is a day and evening-long batch of fun events and activities that celebrate our team, our mountain, and our community. Culminating with a Disco Fever themed party in the Iron Goat!

This is a special day because we have no athletes of any level away at races so we can all be there!

Intro Program Families!! Please note this day of skiing and community fun is included in your program, whether Saturday or Sunday only, so join us!!  In fact, with a great snowpack and longer hours of good daylight and warmer weather, why not consider extending your season with SPAC for the rest of the season? It’s this time of year when more friendships can be made and skiing skills really become cemented.

Also note that we are kicking off our 2017 Annual Fund Drive! This is an important part of our ability to grow our club, support families in need, and enable us to purchase the additional equipment we need to hold races and conduct training. Details and how to donate forthcoming very soon!

Look forward to seeing everyone on March 4th! More details coming soon, but if anyone would like to assist with the events and activities, please contact Beth Butzlaff at