Wolf Chase and Zonal Evergreen Cup

Wolf Chase at Loup Loup
Loup Loup was one for the books. The weather and conditions were perfect for a race, it was an incredible bonding experience for parents and athletes alike, and SPAC had some great successes on the podium. In addition to the great skiing, there was a great story behind the weekend.


There were many demonstration of talented skiing but the story I will mention is a display of sportsmanship, teamwork and friendship. A moment that makes a person proud to be apart of a program where the athletes care about one another so much.

On Sunday, one of our racers, Campbell Butzlaff gave it her all and pushed her skiing to the next level, but unfortunately crashed during her run. She was down on herself; no athlete likes to crash on a race run. Vivian Daroczy, Madison Von Melville, and Madeline Gillespie saw that Campbell was upset and they decided to show their teammate the support she needed to cheer back up. After giving Campbell some space the girls rushed over and gave their friend some love. These friends showed an act of true sportsmanship and support. Races are not only about results and points, but about friendships and the relationships built. These girls saw that their friend was unhappy and all they wanted to do was cheer her up.

Races are not all about the times on the board, but they are about the memories that are created. SPAC did a fantastic job at Loup Loup and it showed. A Shout out to Madeline Gillespie for slaying the course and taking home the overall cup. It was a great weekend and everyone skied so well. Keep it up racers!

A big shout out too to the Loup Loup Community for putting on a fabulous race. It’s always a season highlight for our club and for the PNW ski community in general.




Zonal Evergreen Cup at Crystal Mountain
The coaches and racers had fun at this race. This was a U14 and up race and eight of our SPAC racers showed up to represent. The conditions did not make this an easy race. With fresh snow at crystal mountain the ruts in the course were putting up a fight. The snow was wet and sticky, and with over four inches of new snow, racers raced the course in pow. Even with the extremely challenging conditions, Madison Von Melville, Campbell Butzlaff, Olivia Shelley, Alexis Friedman, Olivia Connor, Zac Holton, Noah Willson, and Kyle Jamison demonstrated some awesome skiing in the slalom course. The course was set to be a very challenging technical slalom course, with its length being longer than any of these kids have seen. With all these challenges it wouldn’t seem like a lot of fun, but our SPAC skiers love it. They made great strides in their skiing on this difficult course and made their coaches proud. Everyone did a fantastic job at this race! Keep up the great skiing!