Summer 6 & 9 Day Camp Dates!

How do you have fun in the sun and improve your skiing? Summer race camp! The dates are out for the Dave Lyon 6 & 9-Day Summer Camps. The 6 day “SPAC & Friends” GATES Camp will be held June 26 – July 2. The 9-Day Comprehensive Skills Camp will be July 13 – July 22nd. Registration is open soon, so watch Dave Lyon Race Camps website for information!

Which camp is right for me?

Both camps are geared as live-in camps for athletes 10 years and older. Parents of athletes between ages 10 to 12 should talk with Dave Lyon to confirm which camp is most suitable, and if resident or day-camp is best for that athlete. For those athletes under 10, there is a “Day Camper” option for both camps, with coach approval, for kids lodging with parents. The 9-Day resident camp is most definitely suited for the older, independent athlete who can manage themselves and that length of time away from home. The “SPAC & Friends” GATES Camp, while it is also a live-in camp, is a good option particularly when an athlete younger than 10 to 12 years old is attending, is new to summer ski camp, and if attending as a “day-camper”, that can make for a better experience for them to want to come back over and over!

Both of these camps will give your athlete the ability to get more time on snow, have fun, and really make positive changes to their skiing, which will show itself the following season.

If you have interest in the 6 Day Camp, and these dates don’t fit your calendar due to school snow days or July 4th Holidays, there is flexibility to attend for 4 days. Contact Dave at, and he can let you know the specifics if there are calendar challenges.

A major benefit of summer camp is DL brings in coaches and trainers from across the country to work with your athlete, lending a different eye to what their coaches at Stevens may see, while using the same well tested methods that provide unparalleled success for our racers!

These camps are also “open” camps, meaning more than SPAC athletes are able to attend, so invite your friends from other teams too!

See you at Mt Hood!