Wild Katz

Wild Katz was a great race this year. We had a lot of athletes come out for the fun. SPAC would also like to thank Stevens Pass for the awesome job they did prepping the hill. When races are held at our home mountain we always need extra support from our community. SPAC did an amazing job putting on the race and that is due to all the great volunteers we had. Jason Debley says that some of the volunteers even get the best seats at the race because they are right there on the course. Gate keepers get to watch their kids go by as if they were watching a 3D movie. Debley also mentions how cool it is to watch the progression of the different age groups. Starting at a U8 and watching threw to U14, one gets to see the development of skiing throughout the levels. We had many parent and family volunteers from our own team and others. THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS! We also want to give a big thanks to our Race Sponsor, Dr. Larry Maurer/Rundoctor.com, as well asTAS, CMAC, and MRST for being so helpful during the event.

Now let’s talk about the racers. Everyone did an excellent job at Wild Katz from both our team and other teams. With such diverse snow conditions, the race was very different than previous races. Saturday was firm and icy but Sunday followed with snowy and soft conditions. These difficult conditions definitely challenged the racers. As the volunteers were super helpful putting on the race, the kids were doing the same for their follow teammates. Coaches said they had a great deal of help from fellow athletes. It was great to see racers helping each other put their skis on before a race runs, as well as taking down clothes from the athletes that raced in speed suits. Overall it was a great weekend with a lot of fun memories. Great job to all the athletes that came out and to all volunteers that made the race possible, and a last thank you to Stevens Pass for the mountain space.