Annual Fund

Hi SPAC Families!

What a great time had by all last week at Celebrate SPAC! From the kids sending appreciation to Stevens Pass, to the parents clinic, the dual slalom, capped off with the disco party, having so many of us involved is what makes our club so special!

Part of what we celebrate is the engagement of our community, and much of our success as a club can be attributed to our collective benevolence in participating in the Annual Fund.

The Annual Fund is important, as the funds generated help in keeping our tuition rates competitive and as low as possible, provides need based support, and funds much of our capital purchases of equipment.

Our needs, current and ongoing, are replacement of gates, timing equipment, (specifically start wands and headsets), radios, and drills. A larger expenditure is the needed funding to run a dedicated timing wire on the lift towers on the backside, which will make larger NW Cup, FIS and National Championship events logistically easier.

Stevens Pass provides us with an amazing amount of support. Just today, in the throes of the weather challenges and lifts closed, they are running snowcats with safety netting up and down the race venue to prepare for our race this weekend with over 150 junior athletes competing from across all of PNSA. They share our vision, and with additional funding, we would have the opportunity to make things, like having food and event tents available on the backside for races, a reality.

SPAC uses the Annual Fund as our major fundraiser. We do not currently have an auction, or ask our athletes to sell high dollar raffle tickets. We use our events to build community, and have our athletes focus their effort on the mountain. What we choose to do is simple.  To participate, all you have to do is press the DONATE NOW button on our home page, and you will be directed to PayPal. Our average donation to the Annual Fund in the prior seasons has been $250 per family, but any amount is welcome, and counts towards our ambitious $20,000.00 goal. Many employers also match donations, as well as being tax deductible.
Our club and community is second to none, and all of our athletes deserve our support to make us truly the Best in the Northwest!