Hey SPAC Parents, Please consider getting USSA certified! We need you. 
In order for SPAC to host ski races, a hand-full of jobs need to be done by people certified by USSA. The training for these certified jobs is only offered once a year and that time is coming up soon! Have you considered getting USSA certified? If you haven’t, you should!

Our team is committed to hosting 5 ski races this year. These ski races are a major source of revenue for the team and can only be pulled off with certified officials. Please help make our ski races be successful by becoming a USSA certified volunteer. It’s also an amazing way to be at the heart and center of the races – a very FUN place to be!!

When: Sunday 10/8 – 7:30am-4pm
Where: Microsoft Campus Building 88, 5069 – 154th Place NE, Redmond WA 98052

For more information and to register:–clinics–education

Which class should I take?

Referee with Jury Advisor
This class teaches you how to be a Start Referee or a Finish Referee. Both of these positions are needed for every race, so having several people with this training is ideal. In my opinion, this is probably the easiest of the classes to pass. There is a test at the end of the course, so be sure to review the study guide prior to the class. They do extensive review of the study guide during the class too to prepare you for the test. The team could use at least 2 more people with this training.

Timing & Calculation 1
This class teaches you how to do the timing in the Timing Shack. It teaches you the basics of the rules, how to fill out the official paperwork and how to manually calculate times if the software is not available. It does not teach you how to use the timing software. That you can learn by shadowing people in the timing shack and by installing a trial copy of the software and playing with it. This course does have one of the hardest tests and requires basic math skills. I’d highly recommend reviewing the study guide extensively before the class. The team could use at least 2-3 more people with this training.

Race Administration with Data Management
This class teaches you how to be the Race Administrator for the team. The Race Administrator organizes, coordinates and records all of the races. They are the behind the scenes superheros without which a race never happens. SPAC currently has two race administrators but it’s a job that takes a while to learn. If you are interested I would encourage you to talk to Jason Cohen. It would be great to get 1 or 2 more people certified, so that they can shadow Jason and Amee this year.

Chief of Race
There is only one Chief of Race job for each race, but it’s a key position for running the entire race. It requires years of experience and training. If you are interested in this position, I encourage you to talk with Stu Larson and consider shadowing during the race season before taking this course.

Update Only
Once you’ve received USSA certification for any of these positions, you need to take the “Update Only” course every other year to stay USSA certified. It’s much shorter than the other courses and usually only takes about 2 hours to complete.

You can find more details about the Officials Clinics on the PNSA website here. The Officials Clinic will be offered in the Seattle area on Oct 8th on the Microsoft Redmond campus starting at 8am. Registration is now open.

If you have any questions about any of the courses and whether you should take them, feel free to ask me (Cathy Westman) at the SPAC Fall Event. I call tell you all the details about the ones I’ve taken (Referee & Timing) or connect you with someone who has taken the other ones.

Once you are certified, please email our Volunteer Coordinator (Jakub Oleksy) to let him know what positions you are certified for so he can track who has qualifications for each position.


Also coming up in October, PNSEF Fall Auction and Benefit
Oct. 7, 2017 – Saturday night – 5:300 to 9:00 PM
Location: Bostic Lake Ranch
12201 Avondale Rd NE
Redmond, WA 98052

For Registration and more info:

(This is the organization responsible for PNSA scholarships among many other things… come out and support them!)