Volunteering with SPAC

With the season in full-swing and a U14 divisional qualifier less than two weeks away, it’s a good time to remind everyone about volunteering at the races we put on.

Our program is funded not only with the rates we pay, but just as importantly with our time. The time we spend is what enables us to put on the races, which are amazing events for our athletes and others in our region and which make money for our club. Our club is a non-profit and it’s important for us to participate in supporting our athletes. Besides, volunteering at races is a lot of fun! Every family in the competitive program is required to volunteer a certain number of hours. For reference, our official volunteer policy can be found here. You can also find details on volunteer positions here.

Again, you can find all races here, and you can read over the FAQ to get you started. Volunteer registration for all races is open, so feel free to sign-up for the positions you want.

If you have any questions or ideas/feedback on how the experience can be better, don’t hesitate to email me.

Lastly, if your company does matching for time you donate, don’t forget to log your volunteer hours with your company!