Get to know Wild Katz Sponsor,!

Stevens Pass Alpine Club is fortunate to have a sponsorship community who shares our passion for alpine sports. We are excited to again introduce an important member of our club and a long time SPAC Sponsor of the Wild Katz Race, Dr Larry Maurer.

Dr. Maurer, aka, of Washington Foot & Ankle Sports Medicine, has two boys who grew up in the RV lot and on the mountain with the race team.  Ty and Bode have now made the tough choice to focus on Lacrosse, but you can still find them in the park and up on 7th Heaven on free weekends.  You can find Dr. Maurer most weekends here on the mountain or helping the ski patrol in the aid room.  In addition to doctoring, Dr. Maurer is also a professional sports photographer who donated over a quarter of a million photos of our racers over the last 7 years, not to mention his work with the Seahawks and Sounders! Check out his amazing work at MaurerPhoto.  

His practice is one of only a few in the country that is dedicated to overuse injuries of the foot and ankle, and many of our athletes and parents have benefitted from his expertise. The doctors in his office see kids and adults and pay special attention to biomechanics to help their patients avoid wear and tear down the road.  Any pain in your foot, ankle knee, hip or back that gets worse with standing, walking or running is likely related to a biomechanical issue.  Dr. Maurer also works with ski boot insoles and ski boot related pain.

Check out, like the Rundoctor Facebook Page, and follow Rundoctor on Instagram to show your support for Dr. Maurer’s partnership with SPAC.  Supporting our sponsors also makes us the best stewards to our community! Please keep Washington Foot & Ankle Sports Medicine in mind if you have an injury, or would like to talk about foot and ankle biomechanics to stay healthy and skiing at your best!

Thank you, Dr. Larry!