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Jan 1,2016 - May 1,2016

Larry Maurer has volunteered to do professional photos at various races this year. If you have not seen his photos before, these are amazing and the full cost of these photos is donated back SPAC. For $50 you get access to all the digital files at full resolution. If you've ever had professional photos done, you already know this is an incredible deal, especially for the quality of work that Larry does. This subscription will give enrollees unlimited access to all of their athlete’s full size digital files though Larry Maurer’s photography website. At Celebrate SPAC, team and individual athlete photos will likely be taken. This opportunity will not only be available to SPAC racers, but for any visiting racer, for the same $50 cost. (As a point of reference, other photographers often charge $30 - $50 for a single digital file) Thus, for visiting juniors, if they come back for the Downhill, Larry will shoot them there as well. For visiting Mighty Mites at Wild Katz, this is still a very good value even if just for a single race.