Team Snap is an app that SPAC uses for managing and communicating details about training and races. Information for registered athletes will be loaded into Team Snap in the fall. Parents will use Team Snap to communicate which training and race days they will be attending. The app also contains the roster for each age group and has chat and email functions. Note for the 2020/2021 season: due to strict coach to athlete ratios as a result of COVID-19, athletes must be signed up for training in Team Snap in order to secure a spot. If an athlete shows up for training and did not previously RSVP, they may not be able to train.

What time do the racers meet and where?

Racers typically meet at the SPAC shack (near Kehr’s chair) at their appointed time for the start of training. On weekends, the start time is 8:45 AM. For night training, it is usually 5:30 PM. Please arrive at least 5 minutes early with all gear on and be ready to start training promptly. It’s always a good idea to use the restroom before you head out for training, especially for the younger athletes.

Where should I pick up my racer at the end of the day?

Athletes should be picked up at the SPAC shack (near Kehr’s Chair).

What time do the racers break for lunch?

Generally, SPAC has the racers “break” for lunch on a training day at 11:00 AM. This enables the athletes to beat some of the lunch crowd rush during ski school season so that they can relax and eat, and then resume training, usually around 12:00 PM. On race days, breaking for lunch will be dependent upon the race schedule and the inspection times for the second runs, so athletes should check in with their race coaches to determine when is best to break for lunch so as not to miss an inspection or a race start.

What time do the racers finish training?

Weekend training generally ends at 2:00 PM for Mighty Mites and at 3:00 PM for Juniors. Night training generally ends around 8:00 PM, assuming there were no interruptions to extend training. 

How should I contact a coach and when is it ok to contact a coach?

The best time to talk to coaches is at the end of training when you pick up your athlete. Some coaches may also be reached via email, cell phone or on Team Snap. If you are contacting them on a race day, please be respectful of the race schedule and demands of coaching on a race day, and temper your contact to an appropriate contact time so as not to disrupt their primary objective of coaching the athletes. On non-race days, coaches may be reached via email, cell phone or Team Snap. If you are trying to reach them following a race, please allow for a day off after the race before contacting them so that they can also catch up on their “non-ski racing lives” particularly if travel was involved.

Does SPAC conduct dry land training in the off-season time frame?

Yes, SPAC offers dry land training opportunities in the fall for both Mighty Mites and Juniors racers. See Program Information about dry land training opportunities.