I’ve never been to a ski race or worked at a ski race, so how can I possibly “work” a race?

The SPAC website contains a list of volunteer positions required at races. SPAC parents sign up to volunteer at the races in a variety of positions that run the gamut of ski abilities. The amount of training required to perform the volunteer positions varies. Some volunteer jobs require no skiing or just minimal hiking as well as little to no training, including race registration (requires arriving early at the mountain), timing shack, hand timing (at bottom of course), scoreboard and gate keeping positions at the bottom of the course. Other positions that do require skiing ability are course maintenance and gate keeping in the upper portions of the course (unless you want to hike a lot!). There are other positions that do require training/certification that usually can be obtained through PNSA classes and those positions include Chief of Race, Chief of Timing, Race Administrator, Referee, etc.

What are the volunteer requirements for families with SPAC?

See Volunteer Policy for information on how much volunteering is required per family.

What type of volunteer jobs need to be filled in order to put on a race?

A list of race volunteer jobs can be found on the Volunteer Positions page.