Mentor Program

As many of you know SPAC runs a mentor program every year for its new families to help them navigate the new terrain of ski racing. We pair new families with veteran families to give the new folks someone to ask all of their questions to, to get advice and to introduce them to the SPAC community.

We also realize that there are other times when families might need mentors – for example when they transition between the intro program and the competitive program. It sure would be nice to have another family to follow through the very first race day. Or when kids transition into the U14 age class with its increased number of races, FIS gear requirements and the seemingly daunting USSA points program. Or for any other families that would just love to have a more experienced family to help guide them through the program.

If you are new, or transitioning or just want to be connected with a mentor, please email Stacie Robbins to request a mentor.