Stevens Pass Alpine Club staffs up to 7 competitions per season at Stevens Pass. Parent participation is essential so that SPAC continues to put on excellent events and draw high participation.  While SPAC is a very strong partner with Stevens Pass Ski Area, it is a non-profit club and independent from the area. Tuition, fundraisers, event fees and donations fund SPAC. Therefore, a successful SPAC program requires a strong parent commitment and each SPAC family is expected to volunteer at the levels shown below or more for each athlete enrolled in any SPAC program

Coaches with athletes on the team will receive credit toward their volunteer commitment by coaching at home races as well as volunteer positions. Becoming active in our club as a volunteer is one of the best ways you can learn more about the sport and connect with other members of our club. SPAC families are also encouraged to volunteer at away events.

Volunteering at a SPAC Club Race, if scheduled, is a great opportunity to try new positions (no license requirements), shadow experienced volunteers and meet other parents. The Club Race does not contribute toward the minimum volunteer commitment. If you cannot meet the minimum volunteer commitment, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator by January 1st to make other arrangements to support the team – exceptions to the Volunteer Policy require approval by the Board of Directors.

Minimum Volunteer Commitment per athlete (cap: 2 athletes per family):

ProgramRequirementCharge per day not worked
One Day Intro1 Day$100
Two Day Intro2 Days$100
One Day Mighty-Mite2 Days$200
Two Day Mighty-Mite4 Days$125
Junior4 Days$150
Freeride1 Day$100

Helpful tips for volunteering:

  • Learn about different Volunteer Positions
  • Sign up early to secure the position and dates you prefer.
  • Remember that volunteer race days do not always coincide with your racer’s schedule. Please check the training calendar and plan accordingly. You may or may not have lunch at the same time as your racer.
  • Consider volunteering at Junior or Master races if you have a Mighty-Mite racer – your racer will be at their regular training and it can be easier to coordinate with friends’ families to be sure they get their lunch.
  • Ask questions – we will help.
  • Sign in early on volunteer days so you can catch your breath before heading out to your position.
  • Remember your ski gear and be prepared for the ever changing Pacific NW weather.
  • Races can and do get cancelled or changed from time to time due to signups, weather, conflicting race schedules, etc. Be prepared to adjust, requirements still have to be fulfilled if race dates change.