Hello SPACers! With Wild Katz coming up this weekend and our Junior racers down at Mount Bachelor getting ready for the SunCup Downhill race, we thought it might be a great time to re-post these great words of wisdom:

As you pack your bag, tune your skis, and generally get ready for a big weekend of racing we thought we’d share SPAC’s Thoughts to Race By. Put these in your pocket, keep them in your head and your heart, and have FUN racing!!!  GO SPAC!!

  1. Stay in the present. The only run you think about is the one at hand
  2. During a race there is no evaluating.  There is no judging.
  3. There is no anticipating the result.  There is only trust and acceptance.
  4. Anything that detracts from a narrow focus on the run at hand diminishes your chances of skiing your best.
  5. It’s natural to stay in the present if you have complete peace of mind.
  6. When you finish your second run and only when your race is over, you can walk over to the scoreboard and see how you’ve done.

Have Fun, Try Hard, Take Chances, and Ski Fast

I also encourage all of you to look again at this post from last year: Five Keys to Promoting superior Performance on Race Day.